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ETTS believes that Effective Health and Safety Management is an integral part of ETTS

business and is a key factor in our long term success.

We strive to maintain a healthy and safe workplace using all means available:

• Providing strong & visible leadership and commitment in OH&S matters

• Complying with the regulations set forth by Government Agencies, Authorities and all

other applicable regulatory and statutory requirements in matters related to Occupational

Health and Safety.

• Promoting and maximizing OH&S awareness through continuous training of our

employees, at all levels

• Identifying Health & Safety risks to people arising from our operations and managing the

risks by all available ways of eliminating or minimizing them.

• Monitoring OH&S performance and keeping records to that effect to determine

compliance with our OH&S Management System and to achieve continual improvement

• Recording areas of non-compliance and addressing these through corrective actions and

employee training

• Investigating and Reporting all OH&S related Incidents

The objectives ETTS targets to achieve are:

• A 10% improvement in frequency rate over the Previous year

• Compliance with all the applicable regulations in the area of OH&S

• Reporting and Investigating Incidents: Accidents as well as Near Misses

• Training of all new employees on company OH&S policy and Continual targeted safety

sessions to raise awareness

• Reviewing the control Measures and taking appropriate actions

• Carrying out at least one full audit every year

• Testing of all Equipments used for work activities including the Personal Protective


All Managers, Engineers and Supervisors shall ensure that the employees reporting to them,

Subcontractors and Visitors are made aware of our OH&S Management System and that they

follow it in our projects, offices and all other facilities.

Each employee is expected to co-operate fully with this policy.

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